ISO 26000 and the Global Social Responsibility Agenda

Beyond Intent's Johan Genneby participated and gave a presentation at the International Conference ISO 26000 and the Global Social Responsibility Agenda in Stockholm 20-21 October. The conference was organised by Swedish Standard Institute (SIS) to explore the trends and develop the use of the standard.

The programme included topics such as current status of the guiding standard ISO 26000, ISO 26000 together with other standards and initiatives, UN Sustainable Development Goals, social responsibility in practice, and sustainable procurement.

Beyond Intent presented and discussed the findings of its recent national survey on sustainability perceptions, practices and reporting among Swedish SMEs together with the Swedish Federation of Business Owners.

The conference was held in conjunction with meeting of the ISO 26000 Post Publication 21 October 2015, with an additional open workshop on social responsibility and small- and medium sized companies/organizations.

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