Swedish national TV feature Studi

Swedish national TV feature BI's business partner's digital learning platform Studi and how it enables immigrant Children to join school directly upon arrival.

The news section of the Swedish national TV broadcaster SVT highlights how animated lessons from the Swedish digital learning platform Studi has enabled newly arrived young immigrants to join school upon arrival.

Studi.se enable immigrant students to learn mandatory subjects with the help of short animated films in their own mother tongue. The languages ncluded in the program are Swedish, English, Arabic, Dari, Somali and Tigrin. The learning medium is created for newcomers to Sweden, but also children with Swedish as mother tongue can use it, SVT explains.

Pupil went through 700 movies
Films are dubbed and subtitled and are designed with the help of subject experts. The students can learn ten subjects that are included in the admission requirements for upper secondary schools, including math and biology.

- A boy at Sjömarkenskolan in Borås has gone through 700 films and passed all math books for the entire high school. The teachers had to borrow high school math books for him, says Stefan Eriksson to SVT, who previously worked as a principal in Borås.

Teachers: "We can keep track of what they have learned"
The project is a collaboration between 41 municipalities, Stockholm University, Sweden's Innovation Authority Vinnova and Komplementskolan AB. In addition to the six languages vailable today, there will be more languages, including Spanish, French and German. 

Sara Andersson, a teacher at Bodaskolan in Borås, informs SVT about her experience with the program. She says that you have different combination options to adjust the speed and also vary between audio and subtitles.

- Another advantage is that students can respond to quizes after the films and we can keep track of what they have learned and also compare the results between students to understand what they need help with.

For full Swedish version https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/vast/digital-laromedel-hjalper-nyanlanda-att-klara-grundskolan