The role of trade unions for sustainability

On September 3, Unionen launched a new tool developed together with Beyond Intent. BI's assessment tool ASSET, has been adapted for Unionen’s members and elected representatives. It is intended to help trade union representatives to develop the role of trade unions for sustainable business practices. Watch the seminar here

Unionen is Sweden’s largest trade union on the private labour market. With 660 000 members, of which 30 000 are elected representatives, in over 60 000 companies and organizations its the largest white-collar trade union in the world.

BI is very proud to have been given the confidence to support Unionen in the development of their efforts for a sustainable development. Beyond intent's tool for sustainability analysis has now one more customized version. It enables trade union representatives at Swedish companies to explore how they live up to international guidelines and standards on social sustainability, and what can be done to improve their impact.

ASSET makes it easier to get it and develop an efficient sustainability practices in your organisation.

Present in the panel at the seminar:

  • Peter Hellberg, Vice-President of the Union

  • Erica Molin, Partner, Beyond Intent AB

  • Kristin Pålsson, Deputy Director UD

  • Erica Molin, partner at consulting firm Beyond Intent,

  • Mari Carlquist, President of the Union Club Scania

  • Helena Delteus, People Sustainability Specialist Scania,

  • Théo Jaekel, CSR human rights expert, Ericsson


The seminar was webcasted on Unionen's Facebook page. The entire seminar will also be available to watch afterwards. Visit the facebook page here