Business is an indispensable partner for international development.

The private sector is central to creating economic development, employment opportunities and relevant competencies for developing economies. Functioning markets, fair trade and innovative solutions are key.

Beyond Intent has extensive experience from international development cooperation and private sector led development initiatives worldwide, primarily in complex and transitional countries, enabling cooperation between different stakeholders including governments, companies and trade unions.  

We bring stakeholders together to interact and identify common goals, needs and solutions. We design collaboration projects and platforms between organisations, public actors and business, with explicit objectives and defined responsibilities.

Operating in the intersection between business and international development cooperation, we implement and evaluate projects as well as help setting up programmes.

Design, evaluation and development
Beyond Intent offers services that span the entire project cycle: from plan and design to results-based management, monitoring and evaluation. With our assessment tool and extensive in-house experience, we offer services that create opportunities for new programming and collaboration between new partners.

- Monitoring and Evaluation
- Project Implementation
- Collaborative projects
- Strategic Cooperation and Fundraising
- Advocacy Efforts
- Institutional and Organizational Development