A CSR-policy and a politically correct Code of Conduct is inadequate to meet the expectation of and demands for corporate responsibility.

We have the tools to operationalise your sustainability ambitions.

To proactively meet future demands and to outpace your competitors, your company needs to integrate sustainability into your business and be able to know and show the impact and shared value of your operations in society.

We measure and assess sustainability performance in a multi-steps process based on established guiding principles (GRI4, ISO 26000, UN Global Compact). We operate in close contact with the local context and create platforms for constructive dialogue with stakeholders.

Test your company's sustianability. Try our adapted free version   ASSET Quick Scan.

Test your company's sustianability. Try our adapted free version ASSET Quick Scan.

Our tools provide you with a clear picture of your operational reality, and the risks and possibilities that you are facing. And we help you plan and operationalize the next steps.

We help you analyse and develop your sustainability performance and position your company. This will assist your assessment of what works and what doesn’t, and how to improve your sustainability performance. We make strategies translate into results. 


The Beyond Intent Sustainability Assessment and Evaluation Tool (ASSET) is an assessment and monitoring tool developed to effectively measure and analyse sustainability efforts.

ASSET is tailored to client need and to meet sector specific performance demands. The tool may as well be attuned to different scopes of analysis to be used at different levels in a sustainability performance assessment process or in support of sustainability initiatives.

ASSET will:

  • assists you to develop an effective and gainful sustainability program
  • detect and categorise sustainability related challenges and risks
  • identify key indicators for qualitative results and materiality analysis
  • establish the basis for holistic results-based sustainability efforts in your organisation

Assisted by ASSET, Shift may perform a diagnosis of the organisation and its operations in relation to sustainability in four areas: Environment, Labour Rights, Human Rights and Business Ethics. The data is further validated by triangulation. Based on these results, Shift can assist you in designing efficient measures for value creating initiatives throughout the organisation.

ASSET bears reference to established reporting guidelines and systems for external validation and quality assurance (ISO 26000, GRI 4, UN Global Compact and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises). That makes it compatible with existing standards and can assist in ensuring compliance with different existing principles.

Manageable. ASSET simplifies the use of established principles and guidelines and provides a coherent overview of your sustainability performance, delivering resourceful material for practical sustainability development, communication and reporting.

Operational. ASSET offers guidance to minimising risks and exploring potential of sustainability initiatives that generates value for business, organisations and society.

Systematic. By triangulating and comparing data, ASSET offers a comparative outlook, illustrating aspects from three different perspectives – Management, internal stakeholders (employees, consultants etc.), and external stakeholders (customers, clients, community etc.)